If my photos were described, first and foremost, they would be described as lively. I mostly photograph weddings and portraits but, to be honest, the photoshoot format doesn’t really matter to me.

The main object of any art is a person. Even when we are looking at a landscape or the sky we are associating what we see with the person who we are observing it with.

I believe that good photos must tell stories. Such photos are like verbs, they can comprise the eloquent silence of the story “before” and “after”. In addition, I like expressing my impressions with the help of words – I am mastering my skill of writing essays and short stories which I further post to my blog.

You are very welcomed to visit my portfolio and read my stories. If what you see speaks to your heart – please contact me and we will definitely create a nice story together.  

Currently in Uzhhorod, Ukraine


Lively photos from various weddings


You know, I have never pictured myself like that before…