How do people find each other? I had been interested in it even before I started photo shooting weddings. And the question is interesting because it has no definite answer, it can be studied continuously, getting fascinated by the variety of stories about people’s relationships. “You just can’t imagine, Vitya, how does it feel when whole your life you were feeling it wasn’t right…and, now, you take her by the hand and understand it is her” ̶ says my friend, who got married is 37. I am always very pleased to see him walking with his wife and a baby in the stroller.

Everyone has their own way. There are plenty of love stories around. You never know when it’s gonna happen to you. However, if you do have a person beside you, who you feel good with, warm and cozy, if you feel each other and there is that feeling between you – fragile, deep, and tender – you should truly value and keep it. Perhaps, it is the most important that can be since true intimacy happens not that often.
Some people wait for it for whole their life.