Enduro time

I don’t really know why but only after buying an Enduro motorcycle did I realize how important it is for a man to have male hobbies. For people working with their heads – taking pictures, writing and reflecting on the essence of things, there is no better rest than doing some inspiring physical work – to go to the forest, chop firewood, cook food for their girlfriend or friends. Take a motorcycle and go to the mountains.

I clearly remember the day when my friend Kolya Romanovsky took me to the Runa mountain valley (western Ukraine). I naively believed that the road there was smooth and paved, going along the beautiful sceneries. However, it wasn’t so. He took me through the forest, up the streams, rocks and mud, wet and scared, to the top of the mountain. I was silent with admiration for the first few minutes, and then I asked timidly – “Will I ever make it on my own?”

In half a year I bought myself a motorcycle that subsequently gave me emotions that can’t be put in words. I visited places that I would hardly ever visited on foot and certainly wouldn’t have got to by car. I stood on the top of the ridge with the lightning flashing above me. I was hardly pushing my friend’s blocked motorcycle to the nearest village at the time when a dark fog was setting in and around the mountain. I was leaving the spring town and got into the snowy mountains.

I had to work out to be able to lift the motorcycle when it fell down and, eventually, I began to notice that after an adventurous day, along with pleasant physical fatigue, I felt ease and willingness to undertake any creative deeds. The right words and correct angles seemed to come to me, and most importantly, the desire to fill my head with worries, doubts and other nonsense almost completely disappeared. The inner fullness and self-confidence from conquering the new tops definitely is sublimated into creativity.