Gretta's ten

I have taken photos of a dog, the acquaintance of mine, recently. Having come back home, and looking through the photos, I spotted a couple in almost every picture I took.
Homeless mutt dogs getting into good families are lucky. They are full, taken care of, clean, they are loved, and they are constantly played with.
You could see that the dog was a good and loyal friend. There was a range of moods changing on its muzzle, it was extremely exciting – as if watching human emotions.
Here I asked myself a question: why do so many people get themselves a highbred when there are so many those willing to get warmth and care? Would I take a homeless mutt dog if there was an opportunity? The question remained opened. I think, Gretta somewhere deep inside knows that she’s got lucky and she is grateful to her owners for taking her home from the street.
However, it doesn’t really mean that you can be too careless with her – might bite you in the nose.