Screen saver pic

Mira and I had been acquainted for a long time but never communicated too close. She booked me as a photographer for her wedding and we decided “to take a walk with the camera” to discuss our plans.
We were sitting on the bench near the Poshtova Sq. in Kiev. We were drinking coffee. I took few photos of her but all of them seemed lifeless as if the picture was there but there was no person behind the upturned collar and the dark glasses.

Everything changed after just one phrase.
— You know, I sometimes feel so much alone in the city. Chris is at work, and most of my close friends are in Transcarpathia.
I felt her emotions and knew that she would definitely show it at least in one picture.
I got a call from Chris, Mira’s fiancé, in a week. He thanked me for the picture. He couldn’t explain what caught him in the shot he applied as a wallpaper on his smartphone and could look at it for 10 min in a raw.