Dance if you want to dance!

Ashdod, Israel

— My name is Gosha.
— My name is Viktor, nice to meet you.
— Nice to meet you too. How do you like Israel? 
— It’s hot.
— Are you married?
— No.
— I have a friend, Dasha, she is a cool girl. High time to get married. I will get you two to know each other. She’s easygoing, you’ll get married, and you’ll get the citizenship. You’ll live here, shoot the weddings and swim in the sea.
— Gosha, could you show me her at first?
— Look at you! I will show you that girl. But don’t think for too long – it’ll cost you more!
I like Israeli people for they do not waste time on empty talks. They cry at the ceremony, and in a blink of an eye, toss up each other, shout and dance.
— Who would talk if you can dance? – confirms my thought Gosha. – Only if like us. Discussing business.
Shot in tandem with  Erik Dener in a reportage style.