L`amour with lavender aroma

Mukachevo, Ukraine

A Ukrainian girl Tanya and a French guy with Mauritian roots Jason have met in Paris. It was raining and Jess was awfully nice but for some reason had put on dreadful bright orange trousers, which Tanya threw out the first day they moved in together. The two got married in Ukraine; Tanya’s Motherland warmly greeted Jason. The bride’s numerous Transcarpathian relatives were genuinely happy to welcome a new member to their family.

Jason is a true gentleman. For example, he would every week present Tanya a bouquet of… oysters. Notable, he would pack in style as a true aesthete.
Jass proposed to Tanya at the medieval castle’s wall at night. He was very worried on the way, took the wrong turn three times, and, having got to the place, he did find the courage to propose. And, then, they were drinking champagne from the bottle because somebody had forgotten to bring the glasses.

In Ukraine, the ceremony took place in the Schönborn castle in Transcarpathia.

Jason and Tanya tied the knot in France and once again in Ukraine in the presence of all the friends and relatives. A curious thing happened in France: the thing is that when submitting the application Tanya wrote the name Jason as it is stated in his Mauritian passport. In his French passport, he is Luis and she had to correct the name of the groom under the MC’s distrustful look.

Lavender bouquets gathered at the French fields Tanya carried through Europe to her wedding ceremony.

Every couple has that very special song. This particular song brings back a lot of pleasant memories such as summer car rides and long walks till the dawn to this couple.

Jason was passionate about Ukrainian traditions. Especially he liked the parents meeting in the Restaurant with bread and salt.

The couple got away to France the next day after the wedding. They are living in Saturargues, a medieval village not far from Montpellier and the French seaside.
Jess is a cook and constantly makes up new yummy stuff and Tanya, as she herself jokes, is working as his Chief taster.
By the moment this article was published, the couple had welcomed a baby.