Gogans and the Michael Jackson’s hat


– I like that he is curly and uproarious. In addition, we look alike in our child photos. When I saw them − I knew that things between us were gonna be real.

Both of the guys have something in common when it comes to humor, something very delicate and yet quite vibrant. It is hard to describe it, though it is clearly felt even when you talk to them separately. That’s why their common friends introduced them to each other a few years ago being sure they would like each other.

Transcarpathia (western Ukraine) is a multicultural region. This is a place where everything gets mingled together. This wedding series includes grandma’s garlic, a Kris’s football career in the past, the Michael Jackson’s hat, homemade wine, mortal kombat, Catholic selfies, a merry-go-round, curly hair wound around the finger and, of course, gogans (a person who guesses what a gogan is will get a present).

Shot in tandem with Sergio Mazurini