In search for Austrian landscapes

Vienna, Austria

– When Roland and I got closer to the castle, where the dearest and nearest had been already waiting for us I thought: how many close people per square meter are there! I am so happy!
Olga and Roland’s Ukrainian and Austrian wedding took place in a small castle Schloss Hernstein, outside of Vienna.
A strong wind got up when we were standing under a huge plane-tree meeting the guests together with the newlyweds and their relatives. I do not remember such a strong wind at the weddings. It was re-styling the ladies’ hairstyles and nearly knocked down the wedding cake. I like unusual weather conditions, it suffices to mention the sandstorm at the wedding in Tel Aviv.
The wind helped us make the photos light and airy, precisely as the newlyweds wanted them to be.
The videographers and I have been looking for typically Austrian landscapes for a photoshoot. And we have found them – a yellow wheat field, a green forest line, the blue sky, and a steeple….
Looking at these photos, no one could ever say that that morning started with a heavy shower.
Shot in tandem with Sergio Mazurini.