The night in Tel-Aviv

– What if you jump up and kiss Nastya as if on the fly?
Tel Aviv is a city with no particular events. It is the people who create the mood. Smiles of the strangers passing by, terraces, where the talks and music are heard from, yellow and red lights cast from the light posts. You’ll find more people here in the nighttime than in the daytime.
It is noisy here and there are lots of cars and mopeds. Everyone is rushing somewhere but at the same time everyone is relaxed and seems to enjoy the rhythm created by the city.
Dizengoff Street is the main city’s artery, and it is here where you can feel the city night life’s heartbeat.
– Does it rain here? – I asked.
– Not this time of the year. It will cool down till midnight. Until then, you can treat yourself some water in any café. It is the only thing that is free of charge in Israel. – said Erik and laughed.