More than just a family business

Vienna, Austria

Many Austrians make their weddings in castles. We have looked at some as well and, then thought: why do we actually need a castle? Right, Tomas?
– That’s right. Fuck the castles.
– We have a family company dealing with radar equipment disposal. We met and studied here. We are working in the same sector now. This place means a lot to us. It is very personal and very familiar. We understood that we want to spend our special day here and not at a castle or a restaurant we have nothing in common with. Our wedding planner is now working on making one of the workshops a lovely wedding place.

Of course, a lot of important and dear to us people will attend the wedding. We will have a religious ceremony – it is a very free church and the priest is our good friend.

What concerns our photo expectations…? You know Tomas and I are very honest and natural but a bit crazy. I love very “full” and “honest” pictures. Don’t know how to describe it exactly – hope, you can take them as I mean it.