Transcarpathian wreathmakers

Chumalevo village, Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Ivan and Ella are a Ukrainian couple residing in Prague. They have invited me to photoshoot a wreathmakers’ ritual in their home village Chumalevo in Transcarpathia. It is a traditional Ukrainian ritual when girls are making creeping myrtle wreaths before the wedding ceremony. The couple is supposed to get married wearing these wreaths.
The photos besides the ritual vividly demonstrate a Transcarpathian specific trait.
People here respect traditions, believe in God, attend church ceremonies, some are even interested in politics. But at the same time, they rarely fall into fanaticism and getting on good terms with people around is always an issue of high priority.
Traditions here are not so much the ritual itself but a reason to get the family and friends together, treat them some tasty food and drinks, and spend quality time.
Over the past hundred years, authorities and the political regimes changed few times in Transcarpathia. It comes with no surprise, then, that with constantly changing circumstances, people here learned to appreciate the most important thing − something that always has been and will be – a person, family, and good relations. They learned to find a common language even with the toughest ones and stay in the good mood when it’s uneasy around.

«Пойте їсти сяченоє!»